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The Benefits of Natural Childbirth

My wife and I are expecting our first baby February of next year, and for the last 6 months we have been making regular trips to the Womens Health Clinic in our hometown for pre-natal check-ups. My wife and I found that the visits were not only impersonal and informal, but it seemed as if something special was missing from this experience so far. The doctors and nurses were always in a hurry, and all of our questions were answered with a sense of annoyance. Something was definately missing..

Just recently, we just happened to  come across  a documentary called The Business of Being Born. My wife and I both watched it together the other night, and we were both, well, surprised and at the same time embarrassed as to how much we didn’t know about childbirth and the options we had. It had also opened our eyes about hospitals, doctors, and obstetricians, and how our pregnancy, our miracle, was treated like an everyday occurance-like we were customers.

Hospitals are, well, a business. They like to get their patients in and out as quick as possible in order to free up space for new patients. Medical procedures are rushed so the next patient can be attended to, and the same applies to delivering babies as well. Doctors have medications available to numb the pain of birthgiving, and also have the means to  “induce” labor with means of medication. Even “C” Section’s are more popular now then they ever were in the past. Did you know that 1/3 of birth’s in the US are via “C” Section? This is far higher then any other county on this planet. Much, much higher. Stillborn babies are also more common in the US then even some third world countries! I’m really confused…what are hospitals doing wrong? I thought they were experts at this!? Boy, was I wrong.

There is a natural bond that forms between a mother and her child when her baby is born naturally. A connection that can only be present when the mother endures the pain of labor, and the joy of having her baby on her chest hours later. The way it has been since the beginning of time.

A specalist on this documetary made a rather eye opening comment about natural birthing compared to a “C” Section. (Yes, sometimes surgically removing a baby is required, but only if  necessary.) He had mentioned a study on a pregnant mammal that needed to have her baby surgically removed because of complications. Because this animal did not endure the natural process of giving birth to her baby, the animal neglected her baby. There seemed to be no apparant bond between the animal and her baby, and she failed to recognize her baby as her own.

Yes, this is an animal I’m talking about. But we are very much animals ourselves. Have you ever seen a female feline or canine tend to her babies? Any animal for that fact. They are devoted, loving parents. They would do anything for them, they would risk their lives for them.

So, one in three births in the US are via “C” Section, and many of the mothers that decide to give birth naturally in hospitals are usually given epidurals and other medications to numb and speed up the birthing process. Have we failed to realize the importance of giving birth naturally?

I suggest you watch Business of Being Born, especially if you are expecting parents. It will shed a little more light on the message I’m trying to convey here. My wife and I have decided not to have our baby in the hospital-delivered by a doctor-but rather here at home with the help of a midwife.

Naturally, the way nature intended.

Any comments? Feel free to voice your opinion or leave a comment : )

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