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NDM-1: Symptoms and Precautions

NDM-1 (New Delhi metallo-beta-lactamase), is a type of enzyme derived from different types of bacteria which contain a chemical structure known as the beta-lactam ring ( . The problem with this, is that most available antibiotics contain this “beta-lactum ring”, which includes effective medicines such as penicillin, cephalosporins, and carbapenenums. These are powerful medicines that are used to treat serious bacterial infections and viruses with much success.

 NDM-1 has so far been resistant to all well known antibiotics which is bad news for many who may become infected with it.

 NDM-1, which was initially discovered in 2009, has reported cases in countires which include India and Pakistan (140), Great Britain (37), Canada (8), Sweden (1), Australia (3) , Japan (1), Isreal (1), USA (3), China (3), Malaysia (1), Taiwan (1), and a few others. Experts beleive that medical tourism is to blame for the globalization of this “Superbug”, which may only get worse without the proper precautions.

 Many people who aquire NDM-1 are patients who had recently travelled to India or Pakistan to receive medical treatment. Many people choose to have medical treatment performed in these two countries because of its affordability and shorter waiting periods.

 There are ways to protect yourself from harmful viruses, and they can easily be implemented into your everyday life with a little thought and preparation.

  1.Wash your Hands! Keep your hands clean at all times, and keep           them away from your face. Especially after being in public places such as the mall, public transit, hospitals, and public events.

 2. Keep a Clean House. Frequent vaccuuming, laundering of clothes, cleaning doorknobs and computer keyboards, phone handset, toilet, etc. Also, replace your toothbrush often as well. Germs can form quickly on it and make you ill!

 3. Eat Healthy! Preparing and eating the poper foods that are rich in            vitamins and nutrients can help your body fight off even the worst infections. The types of food you eat play a major role on the ability of your immune system to fight off different types of viruses.

Whole foods (not supplements) that contain Vitamin C, along with Vitamins A and E should be consumed on a daily basis to keep your immune system and body healthy and ready to fight any cold, flu, or infection that  comes your way.

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