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The Truth Behind Bottled Water

Many of us think that bottled water, which is produced by companies in the likes of Nestle, Pepsi, Dasani, etc., is a healthy alternative to tap water. Depending on where you live on this planet, this could very well be the case especially if the water coming into your home and out of your tap is fed from a polluted source (ie. ground water source close to a cattle farm, oil well).

What many of us aren’t aware of, is that its not only what is in the bottled water that is harmful, it is what’s EXCLUDED from it! Nutrients that are vital to our health which are found naturally in water is removed when companies purify the water of harmful chemicals. Not only are they removing harmful chemicals, but they are also purging the water of very important chemicals that our bodies need to stay healthy.

Aside from the fact that bottled water is no healthier then water from your tap, did you know that 60 Million plastic bottles per day (yes, per day) are manufactured, transported, and disposed of in US landfills? This is only the USA. Think about this from a global aspect-it’s almost unfathomable.

Did you know that in some studies, bottled water has been shown to be less quality then the water coming out of your tap? Also noteworthy, is the fact that plastic-all plastic-leach synthetic chemicals into water. Some at a greater rate than others.

Here is an interesting fact from

“Ten popular U.S. bottled water brands contain mixtures of 38 different pollutants, including bacteria, fertilizer, Tylenol and industrial chemicals, some at levels no better than tap water, according to laboratory tests recently conducted by Environmental Working Group (EWG).”

If thats not enough to make you buy a personal water purifier for the home, here is a stunning fact from

Bottled Water’s environmental impact:

  • 60 Million plastic bottles a day are disposed of in America alone!
  • Massive amounts of greenhouse gases are produced from manufacturing the plastic bottles.
  • Millions of gallons of fuel are wasted daily transporting filtered tap water across America and around the world.
  • It requires 3 times as much water to make the bottle as it does to fill it… it is an exceptionally wasteful industry.

As you can see, bottled water is no good for your body, the environment, or your pocket book. I think its time to buy a Brita.

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    Eugena Hiltbrand
    November 29, 2010 at 5:51 am

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    December 2, 2010 at 2:07 pm

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