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Definition Organic Foods: What Makes Them Organic?

What is the definition of organic foods? How can you tell if they are really organic? Well, at times this can be a real challenge. Just to give you an idea of how big of a challenge the search for organic produce is, here is a recent example from my latest trip to the organic produce section at my local supermarket.

Recently while browsing through the sea of fresh, supposedly organic produce, I found myself looking for grapes. My wife loves grapes, and they are very hard to come by in her native country. So, I surprise her once and a while with some plump, delicious, juicy red grapes. However, I was looking for a particular kind of grape on this outing. Not only was I in search for some organic grapes, I wanted grapes that contained seeds…grapes in their complete and natural form.

I’ll agree that seedless grapes are simply delicious without their seeds! But, I’ve recently learned the wonderful health benefits of grape seeds. They fight cancer, heart disease, arthritis, and contain tons of powerful antioxidants which provide a wealth of other health benefits. I thought for sure I’d find grapes with their seeds intact in the organic produce section. As I looked around, lo and behold, there they were-bright red and beautiful, and…seedless. Wha? This is the organic section, right? By definition, organic foods should be offered in their natural state, shouldn’t they? This means free of toxins and with their entire original attributes intact-including seeds.

Okay, I was confused. These apparently “organic seedless grapes” are located in the “organic” fruit section. Obviously, someone made a mistake by locating these seedless grapes to the organic produce section. These seedless grapes are genetically modified and certainly do-not belong with the other organic produce!

The fact is, “organic” does not just mean free of toxins and chemicals. Organic also means natural, the way God intended them to be. Not GMO (Genetically Modified), no chemical sprays to contend with, and no toxins whatsoever. By definition, organic foods are foods which are free from any chemicals and alterations from their original state. Seedless grapes do not fit in this category. In fact, any fruit sans their seeds should not be found in the organic produce section.

Many people are fooled when it comes to “organic” foods. Companies are taking advantage of the term “organic” and “greenwashing” consumers while in the process. If you’re in search of some truly organic produce, head on over to your nearest Farmers’ Market. You’ll not only find some fresh local organic produce, but you’ll be supporting your local economy as well. It’s a win-win situation; you’re provided with some fresh local organic produce, and you’re putting money into the pockets of your neighbors. Now that’s the way it should be!

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    Shreeja N
    September 29, 2011 at 4:10 am

    There is a lot of confusion related to the term ‘Organic Produce’ . There was such a furor over organically grown GM BT brinjal some time back. Loved reading your post.

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