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How to Cure Cancer Within Weeks – Dr. Leonard Coldwell Explains

The question, “How to cure cancer?” is asked all too often. Depending on who this question is directed to (eg. Doctors, natural healers, Homeotherapists, etc.), answers will be all across the board. Some experts say we all carry cancer cells and their ability to multiply and begin taking over our bodies is dependent on our lifestyle. While I believe there is a significant amount of truth to this theory, there are many people who live incredibly healthy lifestyles and still develop some form of cancer at some point in their lives.

To this day, there is no cancer cure found that once-and-for-all rids the body of cancer cells altogether. Perhaps there are “cures” that temporarily keep cancer from spreading and mutating temporarily, but many of these mainstream cancer treatment options also damage healthy cells and the immune system simultaneously. Curiously, most cancer sufferers who undergo these “mainstream cancer treatments” eventually succumb to the side effects that these treatments offer (after spending thousands of dollars, I might add).

Dr. Leonard Coldwell shares some pretty insightful information here on how to cure cancer within weeks. He also explains how Vitamin C (along with other nutrients) cures cancer when taken in their natural form (non-synthetic). Vitamin C and E (in their natural state) have long been known to help fight against a variety of diseases and illness, so their ability to help in the fight against cancer is no surprise.

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