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resilience ebook

Resilience: A Story of Courage and Triumph in the Face of Recurrent Cancer

Susan Wener survived cancer not once, but twice. The first time, she followed the traditional route of surgery and chemotherapy. The second time, she went renegade, stepping out into the field of alternative medicine. This book brings to life a journey of more than thirty years, years filled with joy as well as incredible physical, psychological, and spiritual challenges.

As an educator and therapist who helps individuals cope with life threatening illness, Wenerbrings a unique perspective to this story. As both a therapist and a patient, she discovers over the course of her many treatments that what is most successful is medical care that is integrated, that take the whole patient into account and not just the disease in isolation.
In prose that is both funny and profoundly moving, Wener takes us on her extraordinary journey to wellness and wisdom. She shares her innermost feelings with honesty, insight, and humor. Her candor makes it easy to be touched by her experience, and the life lessons she offers are invaluable. She reminds us that irrespective of circumstance, life is filled with endless possibility, that hope and wishful thinking not only help us keep our heads above water during difficult times but are essential to our sanity, and that what makes us magic is our will and ability to pick ourselves up every time we fall.


anti cancer ebookAnticancer: A New Way Of Life

With more than 1 million copies sold in thirty-five languages in close to fifty countries, Anticancer has been acclaimed around the world. A bestseller in Canada too, Anticancer has now been thoroughly revised to analyze and explain the latest studies and put them into context. This revised edition includes

• more anti-cancer foods: learn why stone fruits (plums, peaches and nectarines) are as rich in anticancer phytonutrients as berries

• groundbreaking examples of food synergy: discover how tomatoes and broccoli fight cancer more effectively when eaten together

• revised guidelines for cell phone use: find out what precautionary measures are advised, based on a new long-term study

• new research on “the anticancer mind”: understand how the mind-body balance can slow cancer growth

Drawing on his own experience as both a doctor and a patient, Dr. Servan-Schreiber does not dismiss conventional medicine; he shows how we can all powerfully strengthen our bodies’ natural defences against cancer.


gentle cures ebookGentle Cures for Tough Cancers: Non-Toxic, God-Given Natural Cures That Work

Deanna’s first award-winning book, Painless Cancer Cures (2005), has been vastly updated in this new book which describes the best and most effective natural cures for fighting cancer. Have you or someone you love been diagnosed with cancer and told that chemo and radiation are your only hope? Gentle Cures contains true stories of cancer victims, who were told they were dying, yet they are still alive and well, years later, after using non-toxic treatments described in this book. You will read about new cancer tests, safer drugs and gentler treatments now available. There are many new drugs, described in this book, that are not even called “chemo” drugs because they are non-toxic. You will find that healing involves the mind, body and soul, and the importance of prayer in approaching God for healing yourself and those you love. You will also read many helpful tips for fighting M.S., arthritis, asthma, allergies, colon problems, COPD, migraines, hepatitis and other health disorders.



hope in the face of cancer ebookHope in the Face of Cancer: A Survival Guide for the Journey You Did Not Choose

Amy Givler, M.D. a cancer survivor, shares her experience and the stories of others with the voice of encouragement, faith, and strength she so desperately needed at the point of her diagnosis. With medical knowledge and insight into the path to come, Dr. Givler is able to offer answers and hope as she discusses:

  • looking at cancer through the lens of hope
  • seeking, evaluating, and making decisions for treatment
  • drawing closer to God along the journey
  • facing family and friends

Dr. Givler shares more than professional wisdom; she extends her friendship. And as a fellow survivor she provides a comforting presence during an experience that too often is mired in uncertainty, fear, and loneliness.

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